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Course Reviews

  • Judy M.

    Learning about, whilst drinking, wine with Phylicia is no doubt one of my favorite past-times! She immediately excites you with her passion for wine history and culture, drawing you into a setting where you desperately want to learn more. My husband and I have lived in Europe for quite a few years and both being wine lovers, we have gone on various tours and tastings over that time. Hence we were pleasantly surprised after doing several classes with Phylicia, that we were still learning so many new things about wine that classic wineries had not mentioned. Her enthusiasm on the subject keeps me hooked every time, the complete opposite of the monotony that so many Tour Guides regularly display. Not only have I learned to properly smell and sample each note and flavor of the wine we taste but have been able to focus on regions of interest too. The personalization of each class is what sets her above other Wine Enthusiasts and Sommeliers. Whatever you are looking to get out of your Wine Experience she will definitely make it happen!

  • Sonia S.

    I don’t ever write reviews but If you haven’t experienced a wine class or program from Phylicia you’re truly missing out. I’ve been to several of her wine classes and have always been blown away each time. She is super knowledgeable and super engaging! I can say hands down have gone to wineries within Europe that I have learned more through her than anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and get the program I promise you won’t regret it!

  • Tiana H.

    I highly recommend this wine course. Phylicia is a fun, knowledgeable teacher who doesn’t bother with pretentiousness; she’s just really into wine and really wants to share her love and knowledge with everyone she can. I’m not much of a wine drinker normally, but she helped me figure out that I like whites and rosés, and even helped me find some reds I like (a major accomplishment). If you don’t know anything about wine but always wanted to learn, Phylicia is an awesome teacher to help you get started on your personal journey.

  • Cheyenne T.

    One of the best most personable wine classes I have been to. Phylicia does an amazing job at giving you a full experience of the world of wine. After her wine labels class, I know can confidently try out new wines and know that I will enjoy them fully. Her appreciation for the process radiates when she speaks. I can’t wait to learn more!! Cheers!

  • Johnathon M.

    I have been to numerous wineries throughout Europe and a few in South Africa, and the numerous wine classes that my wife and I have attended with Phylicia have been by far more informative and just as much fun as being at the winery. Another aspect that I truly enjoyed was that the instruction was always kept at an understandable level for the persons in the class and did not leave the wine novice behind (aka me), the classes are so enjoyable for everyone regardless of starting knowledge about wineam.